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​From being regular to never going to Tall Grass back again, here’s why… Please read very carefully. What happens when you’re going to celebrate at your ‘once upon a time favorite place’? Your favorite place argues with you to vacate the place for holding the table longer even if you’re eating. Why? Because there are other guests waiting outside. So there are a bunch of people waiting outside to sit at a table of four. Quite debatable as it gets, there were some yes and nos and lot more to argue. Let me tell you the transparency of information was zero! So boys and girls, if you’re looking to ‘enjoy’ or ‘celebrate’,  Tall Grass is NOT your go-to place to have fun unless you’re okay with leaving in an hour regardless of completing your food or not. They have a 1hr policy for each table whether you have finished your hookah or are only eating your food. Basically, they don’t like their guests enjoying food more than an hour. Haha! Looks like they’ve made good bucks already to entertain more guests. Want to know what happened? Read below. 
So we ordered a hookah and some food. After an hour, we were told that the hookah time has crossed the 45min time limit and so they will have to take it away. THEY FORGOT TO TAKE THE HOOKAH AWAY. But if we wanted to extend or continue, we will have to call for another one. Fair enough! WE DIDN’T WANT TO CONTINUE, hence we asked them to take the hookah away. BUT THEY DIDN’T TAKE IT. Instead, a steward comes in and hands us the bill. We tell him we didn’t ask for it and that two more of our friends would be joining us. He took away the bill. Friends arrived and we ordered more food. Next thing we see, another steward comes and hands us the bill saying that we will have to vacate the table. We were eating yet they wanted us to vacate the table. And hello, vacate the table? Please note: THEY STILL HAD NOT TAKEN THE HOOKAH FROM THE TABLE even after we told them to take it away a couple of times. I don’t quiet understand if they hear themselves while talking. We really failed to understand one thing. We are not sitting idle only with your hookah. We are eating, ordering food. Now just because you have guests waiting outside, we vacate your table? Hell no! We’re paying for the time and food we called for. There were so many other tables that were occupied for hours. They didn’t ask the others to vacate. I really wonder why?! Also, we didnt want your damn hookah and asked you to take it away which YOU DIDN’T. We insisted we speak to their manager and clarify as to what the issue is calmly. But the manager/owners tell us that there is a certain time limit for people to use a table because of hookah. But hello, we had got done with it long ago and we asked you to take it away. WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE IT AWAY? PLEASE EXPLAIN! At first, it was decent but later it turned into a heated argument and the people were rude too. But that’s not all! We were eating and you want us to just pay up, get up and leave without eating? Really? Must say, hospitality, Tall Grass, hospitality! *slow clap* They would just not leave the table till we cleared the table and the cheque. They argued over their ‘1 hour policy’ and one of the managers even said that ‘people come there mainly only for hookah. So the table occupancy cannot exceed 1hr.’ What??? Are you serious? That’s how you (mis)treat your guests? Wonderful management! *slow clap* Please put all that on a piece of paper and post it outside YOUR ONLY HOOKAH place. Well, because people come there only for hookah like you said. It used to be one of my favorite hookah places, IT USED TO but no more! Oh and by the way, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Tall Grass management, owners/partners/founders/whoever… you have highly disappointed me and my friends! You have failed to offer good hospitality and just lost a loyal customer. Good luck with hoping others don’t bail on you.