And I finally visited the most talked about place in the city. Talk about your emotions taking a toll on you and then you feel hungry as well. There’s no better feeling than being ‘hangry’ (pun intended) and getting the best food with a prompt service.

Prithvi Cafe has surely hit the spot! There’s not a single dish you wouldn’t want to try on their menu. Must have: Cafe Mocha, Kit Kat Shake, Cheese Garlic Bread, Chicken Baida Roti, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Brownie with ice-cream. Loved everything except Nachos with cheese. The Nachos get really soggy quickly and the cheese sauce was a bit salty, not to my liking.

Nevertheless, this place is a great chill out zone, away from all the noise, and good enough to enjoy solitude. Had an amazing evening. Will visit more often.


Chicken Baida Roti