Eat Around The Corner is a cute little restaurant, just around the corner at Pali Hill in Bandra.

This place has its own beauty. The outside section is more like a café, having beautiful, eye-catching wall caricatures with a dim lighting setup while the inside is a fancy restaurant with fascinating art

It feels great to have been part of a special Women’s Day celebration with best of women foodies and bloggers. A special menu launch with a unique game twist at the end was something that I found very interesting.

I sampled some of their new menu meals. To begin with, there were these really yummy and soft Quesadillas. There were portions of Veg and Non-veg both. Each of these Quesadillas were stuffed with minced chicken and veggies respectively. To add a zing to them, both were served with a side of sour cream and a tangy, spicy salsa dips.

Later came the Grilled Chicken with Wasabi Mash, which turned out to be my most favorite. It had the right amount of flavors to excite my taste buds. It was very delicious that I voted it to get straight on the special’s board.

For those with a sweet tooth, Mars Bar cheesecake is indefinitely the best dessert till date,  followed by their New York chocolate pastry. Mars Bar cheesecake is their signature dessert. It’s a sweet symphony of smooth, creamy Philadelphia cheese with a lovely sticky crunch. It’s quite a heavy pastry, but it works well if you have a big appetite. On the other hand, the New York chocolate pastry is a dark chocolate flavored pastry, which is lighter on the stomach and quite a favorite amongst many.

In all, if you’re looking for a fun time with your group of friends at a fancy place, this is it.


Grilled Chicken with Wasabi Mash

Mars Bar Cheesecake