An invite to an exclusive preview of the lunch buffet launch at Vedge.

Here’s my verdict:

Nothing brings people together like good food. ‘Vedge’ is an all veg restaurant with an edgy twist and ‘hatke’ flavors.

The decor carries a mix of stylish and earthy feel. There are 2-3 seating sections. The ambience is a mood up-lifter.

They have newly launched their lunch buffet priced at Rs. 299/- that you can enjoy every Mon-Fri. To make their buffet interesting, Vedge will dish out new specialties every day. Also, it’s a great time to attract more of Gujjus and Marvaris as Navratri has begun. Their lunch buffet is a great idea for quick corporate meetings.

Their buffet included a variety of Indian, Oriental and Italian food. I believe a great buffet meal should begin with a really good soup & light salad to accompany it. They had the Tomato & Coriander soup which was peppery and a little runny. It tasted more like sambhar. I like my soups smooth and creamy.

Their salad counter had 2-3 salad options, a tray of assorted breads and some chaat. I had a bowl of their pasta salad with black olives and bell peppers, tossed in a tangy mayo sauce. It was light, tasty and their assorted breads were fresh too.

To compliment the food, I requested for a refreshing fruity drink. One of the staff members suggested me to have the Tropical Delight which comes with a dollop of ice cream. However, I called mine without ice cream and it was a wise choice as later others complained of theirs to be very sweet. This one came in a really cute jar with a straw, a stirrer and a slice of orange. The very first sip is ambrosial. Coolers are available on a regular menu also.

Coming to appetizers, Money Bags is an interesting concept. These are crunchy, oriental flavored and taste a bit like spring roll. These look cute and are shaped like money bags. Each of them were stuffed with exotic veggies and tangy sauce. Dip it in schezwan sauce and every bite was lip smacking.

Their main course dishes had an extraordinary twist. They had 2 types of Paneer – the Cottage Cheese and the Peri Peri Paneer. Both were soft and were cooked well.

However, what I really enjoyed eating was their Burnt Chili Garlic Noodles. Unlike your regular hakka noodles, this one’s a gastronomical delight.

Then came the dessert, which had Angoori Gulab Jamun, Rabdi, Fresh fruits, Ice cream and chocolate sauce. This may sound a little off but if you try the diced pineapples with the syrup of Gulab Jamun, it tastes really yum.

After a hearty meal, the head chef had a brief discussion about the food and the restaurant.

On my way out, there was a small side table with a tray of liquid Paan Shots. The shots were made with the juice of fresh beetle leaves, supari, saunf and dry cherries. It was so good that I had two of them. I’ve suggested it as a better alternative for dessert. If you’ve had a heavy meal and if there’s no room for dessert, Paan Shots is your thing.

All in all, it’s a good place to go with your family or corporate meetings. People who find vegetarian food boring, varieties at Vedge will surprise you.

I really appreciate the staff for being so patient and cordial. I will surely return to try something different next time.

Thank you for a delightful time šŸ™‚