Sometimes happiness comes in a box *drools*

It was almost nearing lunch time. My stomach was rumbling and craving for good food. I stood by the window, staring blankly at everything outside. The sky looked bright yellow as if the sun was fighting with my eyes. I closed the window blinds a little so that the sunlight doesn’t give me a headache.

I went to my kitchen to check for lunch but couldn’t find anything interesting. Now my stomach had started to roar with hunger. So I decided to eat from ‘Wok In The Box’ at Carter Road, Bandra. It’s a fast food joint that serves up healthy and filling noodles, rice and salads.

The climate had lost its cool as if the sun was having a bad day. Slowly the breezy air turned humid and it was not the best time to get out, I must say. But then I was hungry and I craved something savory and spicy. I just wanted to get there in no time and chomp away to glory.

And there I was finally! If you’re a noodle fan, ‘Wok In The Box’ is your comfort-food zone. As you enter, you see a king sized menu on the extreme top left wall with instructions that guide you to create your own stir-fry noodles. On the center wall, you see fancy and quirky one-liners keeping Wok in mind. Some of them really put a smile on your face.

ImageSo you’re ready for Mission: Noodles? Just kidding! It’s an easy task. First, they hand you a bowl and ask you to choose your own veggies and hand it over to the chef, who prepares it with your choice of sauces on a live stir-fry counter right before your eyes. You can pick from an array of sauces, like Wok fiery, Sweet chili, Schezwan, Hunan, and more. Lastly, you also have a choice to pick the noodle type, i.e. flat noodles, wheat noodles, or the plain ones or rice. But I chose the plain noodles with Wok fiery and Sweet chili sauces. While the chef’s at your masterpiece, you also get to taste your creation in case if it needs more sauce or salt. Mine tasted like a party in a box packed with succulent flavors. Right from the very first bite to the last, I kept slurping it.

What more can I say? ‘Wok In The Box’ made my day! Hunger pangs anyone? You know where to head to!