WoodsideAlthough stuck in the midst of the hubbub, Woodside (All Day Eatery & Bar) shines out as the right place to unwind to and spend time with your loved ones on a weekend.

They have two sections; a decent bar with tall chairs and a fine dine restaurant on the inside, whereas the outside setting is rather more casual with dim lights and their walls have an adorable caricature of birds and trees. I was simply marveled!

You walk in to the restaurant and get escorted to the choice of your favorite seating? That’s something very rare at a place that is always busy and specially on the weekends. I must say, it was pure luck for me.

Once in a blue moon, we all crave that one great meal that puts on a big smile on our face after having the smallest of morsel and so did I.

I’m a wine enthusiast and so very selective too. So I called for a sparkling favorite. They serve you the most lip smacking munchies while you enjoy your drink and are very kind to repeat the bowl too. It’s one of the many reasons I keep going back to this place so much. 😉1653531_10153849127700144_2107081368_n

As for the food, we called for their ‘Grilled Harissa Chicken on skewers’. It’s a winning combination and my favorite dish till date. You can actually get the whiff of the robust flavors right till it arrives to your table. The chicken is delicately marinated in Harissa spices, flavored with aromatic herbs and is served with a side of butter toasted bruschettas. It’s an absolute turn on to enjoy awesome food along with good wine.

Grilled Harissa Chicken w Skewers copy1798634_10153849125835144_1052815518_nLater, we called for the ‘Cajun Spiced Prawns’. It was on their special of the day. I wish they could add it to their regular menu. It was crispy, juicy and very beautifully seasoned with exotic spices.

Cajun Spiced Prawns copy

Got a sweet tooth? Well you sure do but this is the part where it can get you whining for a good portion of their dessert. The quantity is peewee compared to your expectations. Also, the taste isn’t premium or simply put as ‘awesome’ as you want it. In short their desserts didn’t quite impress me. 😐

So like, did you ever have the feeling to just move away from the mundane routine? Maybe revive yourself with good food, light music, ambiance and a great time? I got that feeling once and I visited Woodside and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. See you soon 🙂