The Pancake Story ~sweetest ever!


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‘So sweet’ – words that fit the bill and the heart too. The Pancake Story is solely for the sweet-toothed. And it’s not just about the pancakes, but the waffles and crepes too.

What I tried? Well, Signature – Snickers Pancake, Signature – Twix Waffle and the Oreo obsession Pancake. The Signature Snickers Pancake was close to my liking because it’s just not all chocolate. They also have a nutty and caramel zing to compliment it which is why it wasn’t too sugary also.

I’d strongly recommend you to maybe customize your pancakes/waffles/crepes instead of going for their signature ones. Basically, if you’re heading out for some serious dessert time without having to worry about a cavity, this is your place. Purely, a soul satisfying experience once or twice a month only, yes that’s right. Their signature ones are a lot sweeter than they actually may seem to you.


Tawa N Tadka ~ where food is bae ♥


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Tawa N Tadka (TNT) brings you flavors that will leave you spoiled for choice. If you’re in a mood to indulge some lip-smacking Chinese food or finger-licking Mughlai, this place is a must visit. You can spot this food joint in 7 Bungalows, slightly ahead of WTF on the main street.

Every time I go here, I have received the best service and cordial hospitality by the owners and the staff. Coming to their food, the Crispy Chicken is to die for – crunchy strips of chicken sauteed in a spicy-tangy sauce, roasted garlic and herbs. Next, I have loved their Chicken Tawa Pulao – lightly spiced pulao with pieces of chicken and herbs, served with a side of raita and chaat masala. The chaat masala is the hero of the dish. You sprinkle it all over the pulao at your convenience and yummy, what a tasty affair. To delight further, you must try Pot Meal Rice (absolutely devour it), Chicken Dum Biryani (there’s good amount of chicken and masala, so yay!) & Baida Roll (roti stuffed with minced egg/chicken) that you can devour with a side of schezwan chutney. You can also ask them for their other specialties and you will surely not be disappointed.

This eatery meets the cravings of a late night snacker too. How? Well, this place is open till wee hours. Also, if you’re looking to place party orders, quick takeaways for a weekend or even calling in lunch, look no further. So there you go, happy tummy 🙂

Crispy Chicken

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Chicken Tawa Pulao

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OMG Resto Cafe ~ you had me at gorge!


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Nothing and nobody can intervene between me and my love for food, especially when I am hungry. Whether you’re looking for a healthy choice or a soul satisfying meal, OMG Resto Cafe is your go-to place with many delicious food options to choose from.

This petite and pretty little cafe is tucked away in the by-lanes of Lokhandwala, Andheri (W) precisely Shastri Nagar. The ambiance here is really welcoming with light music, an attentive steward and cordial owners. Cute cushions, sketchy wall, tiny wall frames add to the decor of this lovely place. Apart from the meals, they have fun board games to play too. Must have: Tuscan Chicken Sandwich, Nachos, Penne pasta in Arabiatta sauce, Crispy Chicken burger, Cold coffee, True Blue mocktail.

Crispy Chicken Burger and Penne Pasta

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The Belgian Waffle Co. ~ waff a surprise!


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I really wasn’t a waffle person rather I personally didn’t quite like waffle at all. Hence I always said a big NO until I happened to try The Belgian Waffle Co (Lokhandwala, Andheri W). And how did I even give into finally trying waffles is a long story lol. We can talk about this later. I must say, The Belgian Waffle Co. are certainly the best waffle makers in Mumbai. Their waffles are crisp, loaded with good amount of your choice of delightful flavor and are quite filling too; truly a waffle lover’s paradise.

Mind you, although this place is heaven, the waffles here can get really heavy if you add a lot of ingredients to it. Also, if you have a small appetite, you might want to really prepare your tummy or not have a heavy dinner before indulging this dessert delight.

This place brings a smile on my face always. The staff is cordial, always greeting you with a warm welcome and offers the best service. Must have: Oreo shake with added shot of milk chocolate and Chocolate Overload waffle. Yumm!

Chocolate Overload Waffle

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Tall Grass down down!


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​From being regular to never going to Tall Grass back again, here’s why… Please read very carefully. What happens when you’re going to celebrate at your ‘once upon a time favorite place’? Your favorite place argues with you to vacate the place for holding the table longer even if you’re eating. Why? Because there are other guests waiting outside. So there are a bunch of people waiting outside to sit at a table of four. Quite debatable as it gets, there were some yes and nos and lot more to argue. Let me tell you the transparency of information was zero! So boys and girls, if you’re looking to ‘enjoy’ or ‘celebrate’,  Tall Grass is NOT your go-to place to have fun unless you’re okay with leaving in an hour regardless of completing your food or not. They have a 1hr policy for each table whether you have finished your hookah or are only eating your food. Basically, they don’t like their guests enjoying food more than an hour. Haha! Looks like they’ve made good bucks already to entertain more guests. Want to know what happened? Read below. 
So we ordered a hookah and some food. After an hour, we were told that the hookah time has crossed the 45min time limit and so they will have to take it away. THEY FORGOT TO TAKE THE HOOKAH AWAY. But if we wanted to extend or continue, we will have to call for another one. Fair enough! WE DIDN’T WANT TO CONTINUE, hence we asked them to take the hookah away. BUT THEY DIDN’T TAKE IT. Instead, a steward comes in and hands us the bill. We tell him we didn’t ask for it and that two more of our friends would be joining us. He took away the bill. Friends arrived and we ordered more food. Next thing we see, another steward comes and hands us the bill saying that we will have to vacate the table. We were eating yet they wanted us to vacate the table. And hello, vacate the table? Please note: THEY STILL HAD NOT TAKEN THE HOOKAH FROM THE TABLE even after we told them to take it away a couple of times. I don’t quiet understand if they hear themselves while talking. We really failed to understand one thing. We are not sitting idle only with your hookah. We are eating, ordering food. Now just because you have guests waiting outside, we vacate your table? Hell no! We’re paying for the time and food we called for. There were so many other tables that were occupied for hours. They didn’t ask the others to vacate. I really wonder why?! Also, we didnt want your damn hookah and asked you to take it away which YOU DIDN’T. We insisted we speak to their manager and clarify as to what the issue is calmly. But the manager/owners tell us that there is a certain time limit for people to use a table because of hookah. But hello, we had got done with it long ago and we asked you to take it away. WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE IT AWAY? PLEASE EXPLAIN! At first, it was decent but later it turned into a heated argument and the people were rude too. But that’s not all! We were eating and you want us to just pay up, get up and leave without eating? Really? Must say, hospitality, Tall Grass, hospitality! *slow clap* They would just not leave the table till we cleared the table and the cheque. They argued over their ‘1 hour policy’ and one of the managers even said that ‘people come there mainly only for hookah. So the table occupancy cannot exceed 1hr.’ What??? Are you serious? That’s how you (mis)treat your guests? Wonderful management! *slow clap* Please put all that on a piece of paper and post it outside YOUR ONLY HOOKAH place. Well, because people come there only for hookah like you said. It used to be one of my favorite hookah places, IT USED TO but no more! Oh and by the way, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Tall Grass management, owners/partners/founders/whoever… you have highly disappointed me and my friends! You have failed to offer good hospitality and just lost a loyal customer. Good luck with hoping others don’t bail on you.

Prithvi Cafe -Escape Hunger Chaos

And I finally visited the most talked about place in the city. Talk about your emotions taking a toll on you and then you feel hungry as well. There’s no better feeling than being ‘hangry’ (pun intended) and getting the best food with a prompt service.

Prithvi Cafe has surely hit the spot! There’s not a single dish you wouldn’t want to try on their menu. Must have: Cafe Mocha, Kit Kat Shake, Cheese Garlic Bread, Chicken Baida Roti, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Brownie with ice-cream. Loved everything except Nachos with cheese. The Nachos get really soggy quickly and the cheese sauce was a bit salty, not to my liking.

Nevertheless, this place is a great chill out zone, away from all the noise, and good enough to enjoy solitude. Had an amazing evening. Will visit more often.


Chicken Baida Roti

Bennie’s by Flag’s

Great food and excellent service. Kudos to the management. Simply devoured the Tawa Fried Pomfret and Hot pot Nachos. Their mocktails need some improvement. However, the Flag’s special mocktail is an absolute hit. It had a perfect balance of melon, orange and lime.

I wasn’t too pleased with the veg kebab platter. The taste was rather too bland. Also the Lemon and Thyme Chicken failed to deliver the right taste. It was a little undercooked. Always go for their pastry of the day or ask the captain for a Pineapple one. We couldn’t get enough of the fruit flavored pastry. It was really yum. A nice place to take your family out and good for corporate gatherings too.

Will return to try out some more dishes.

Eat Around The Corner ~ Women’s Day special

Eat Around The Corner is a cute little restaurant, just around the corner at Pali Hill in Bandra.

This place has its own beauty. The outside section is more like a café, having beautiful, eye-catching wall caricatures with a dim lighting setup while the inside is a fancy restaurant with fascinating art

It feels great to have been part of a special Women’s Day celebration with best of women foodies and bloggers. A special menu launch with a unique game twist at the end was something that I found very interesting.

I sampled some of their new menu meals. To begin with, there were these really yummy and soft Quesadillas. There were portions of Veg and Non-veg both. Each of these Quesadillas were stuffed with minced chicken and veggies respectively. To add a zing to them, both were served with a side of sour cream and a tangy, spicy salsa dips.

Later came the Grilled Chicken with Wasabi Mash, which turned out to be my most favorite. It had the right amount of flavors to excite my taste buds. It was very delicious that I voted it to get straight on the special’s board.

For those with a sweet tooth, Mars Bar cheesecake is indefinitely the best dessert till date,  followed by their New York chocolate pastry. Mars Bar cheesecake is their signature dessert. It’s a sweet symphony of smooth, creamy Philadelphia cheese with a lovely sticky crunch. It’s quite a heavy pastry, but it works well if you have a big appetite. On the other hand, the New York chocolate pastry is a dark chocolate flavored pastry, which is lighter on the stomach and quite a favorite amongst many.

In all, if you’re looking for a fun time with your group of friends at a fancy place, this is it.


Grilled Chicken with Wasabi Mash

Mars Bar Cheesecake

Go Vedge!

An invite to an exclusive preview of the lunch buffet launch at Vedge.

Here’s my verdict:

Nothing brings people together like good food. ‘Vedge’ is an all veg restaurant with an edgy twist and ‘hatke’ flavors.

The decor carries a mix of stylish and earthy feel. There are 2-3 seating sections. The ambience is a mood up-lifter.

They have newly launched their lunch buffet priced at Rs. 299/- that you can enjoy every Mon-Fri. To make their buffet interesting, Vedge will dish out new specialties every day. Also, it’s a great time to attract more of Gujjus and Marvaris as Navratri has begun. Their lunch buffet is a great idea for quick corporate meetings.

Their buffet included a variety of Indian, Oriental and Italian food. I believe a great buffet meal should begin with a really good soup & light salad to accompany it. They had the Tomato & Coriander soup which was peppery and a little runny. It tasted more like sambhar. I like my soups smooth and creamy.

Their salad counter had 2-3 salad options, a tray of assorted breads and some chaat. I had a bowl of their pasta salad with black olives and bell peppers, tossed in a tangy mayo sauce. It was light, tasty and their assorted breads were fresh too.

To compliment the food, I requested for a refreshing fruity drink. One of the staff members suggested me to have the Tropical Delight which comes with a dollop of ice cream. However, I called mine without ice cream and it was a wise choice as later others complained of theirs to be very sweet. This one came in a really cute jar with a straw, a stirrer and a slice of orange. The very first sip is ambrosial. Coolers are available on a regular menu also.

Coming to appetizers, Money Bags is an interesting concept. These are crunchy, oriental flavored and taste a bit like spring roll. These look cute and are shaped like money bags. Each of them were stuffed with exotic veggies and tangy sauce. Dip it in schezwan sauce and every bite was lip smacking.

Their main course dishes had an extraordinary twist. They had 2 types of Paneer – the Cottage Cheese and the Peri Peri Paneer. Both were soft and were cooked well.

However, what I really enjoyed eating was their Burnt Chili Garlic Noodles. Unlike your regular hakka noodles, this one’s a gastronomical delight.

Then came the dessert, which had Angoori Gulab Jamun, Rabdi, Fresh fruits, Ice cream and chocolate sauce. This may sound a little off but if you try the diced pineapples with the syrup of Gulab Jamun, it tastes really yum.

After a hearty meal, the head chef had a brief discussion about the food and the restaurant.

On my way out, there was a small side table with a tray of liquid Paan Shots. The shots were made with the juice of fresh beetle leaves, supari, saunf and dry cherries. It was so good that I had two of them. I’ve suggested it as a better alternative for dessert. If you’ve had a heavy meal and if there’s no room for dessert, Paan Shots is your thing.

All in all, it’s a good place to go with your family or corporate meetings. People who find vegetarian food boring, varieties at Vedge will surprise you.

I really appreciate the staff for being so patient and cordial. I will surely return to try something different next time.

Thank you for a delightful time 🙂

Zapata’s – Chef’s Table


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A hearty meal, soothing music, a nice backdrop with dim lighting and an interesting conversation with like-minded people is something I look out for on a weekend.

I was making the most of my Saturday afternoon, relaxing at an Indo-Mexican eatery and having an intriguing tête-à-tête with the founder, the head chef and some really amazing foodies.

Mexican food carries a beautiful fragrance and if it happens to rain that very afternoon, the sweet smell of rain mixed with the rich aroma of herbs and spices leaves you with a heady experience.

What better way than to start it with a fresh rainy morning? Although February is not really the month of rains, it was a beautiful start for the day, just like the ones you witness after the first showers in June. The mystifying beauty of the grey clouds and the drizzle made for a perfect time to indulge in a lip smacking Mexican affair.

Being an ardent lover of the Mexican cuisine and a big foodie, I was recently invited to visit Zapata’s in Malad. The restaurant had a distinct theme, the Chef’s Table, particularly designed only for the food aficionados.

Zapata’s is a newly opened Mexican-inspired restaurant founded by Frederic. The name is very catchy and as if it just resounds in your head after saying it twice, try it. This new Mexican eatery dishes out freshest of ingredients prepared adeptly by the culinary team, and a variety of South American mocktails and cocktails, expertly crafted by their!

This Mexican eatery has a duo setting – the outside has a much more casual and lively Indo-Mexican scene than the calm and formal dining area inside. So you can either choose to be seated outside and enjoy the busy road and the falling rain (if at all), or sit inside and have a light conversation or just gorge away to scrumptious Mexican food. However, I got to experience both the sides and I can’t decide which one I liked more.

A smiling staff that looks after you well makes you feel nothing short of a celebrity. As I sat, I was welcomed with a glass of water and asked for my choice of poison. I tried their White wine Sangria, which surely hit the spot and did justice to the pleasant climate. Although, I should have called for their hot chocolate instead which was very well spoken of, I will definitely try it out the next time.

Coming to the food, we began with the Nachos de Zapata’s. This Mexican favourite was served in a large plate with refried beans, topped with Queso sauce, Pico de Gallo salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives and sliced jalapenos. You can try it with your choice of chicken or veggies. I preferred the chicken one better than the vegetarian. The Nachos were crisp and the texture was right too but I found it a little bland. The fusion of chicken and the refried beans, for some reason didn’t have the right flavor or the spices weren’t muddled well to give my taste buds the right Mexican punch.

Next up was the Beer-battered Fish Taquitos. These lovely bite sized taquitos are a blend of delicious Mexican spices, served in soft and mini tortillas on a wooden board. I also tried their Cottage Cheese Taquitos, that were tender and delicious too but I prefer the fish one more as it had an appeasing aftertaste.

Then came the veg, chicken and lamb Tostadas. Not a lamb person, so I just stuck to trying out the veg and chicken ones. I completely devoured the Chicken Tostadas. Their Golden fried tortillas had a brilliant crunch and the toppings with that zesty tang were a party in the mouth. Add a little bit of chipotle or hot sauce to it, and it would be a killer Mexican dish to be relished. We also got a portion of Mexican Fries – a complete sensation! These assorted fries of sweet and savoury potato fingers with a nice crunch, sprinkled with tangy Mexican spices was the hero. Although, I wish they served it with a spicier dip to give it a contrasting kick.

Having eaten a lot of Mexican delicacies, we thought this must be the end of it as our tummies were full. But how could we forget the most lip smacking Burritos? If it is new to you, these Burritos are flour tortilla rolls filled with Mexican tomato rice, refried beans, and grated cheese with Pico de Gallo and sour cream. They served us two distinctive and flavorful Burritos. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chipotle grilled fish Burrito. They came with an assorted variety of dips, right from the Habanero, Chipotle, Guacamole, Queso, Pineapple Salsa, Rancheros, guacamole, to the sour cream. Out of all the dips I’ve tried so far, I have liked the Chipotle and Habanero sauce with my Burrito. The rest, apart from guacamole and sour cream, need to taste a little different from one another. I could get more of a tomato soup flavor in the Rancheros dip. It was my first time that I had this dip so I don’t know if the flavor was right or not but I didn’t quite like it so much.

Jumping on to the sweets, I am a dessert geek! I’m always ready to try new desserts and coffee. Moving away from their standards, they served us a dessert platter with an assortment of sweet and savoury treats and we surely had a chocolaty meltdown. The platter had the Tres leches (a light cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream), Churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce, Zapata’s Flan with special caramel sauce, Chocolate Empanadas.

My personal favourite was the Chocolate Empanadas, which is a fried turnover pastry dough stuffed with variety of caramelized nuts, dusted in cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I have never liked the Tres Leches, so I just had like one spoon of it, only to realize that no chef can change my mind for that dessert. The Churros were not up to the mark. It was dripping in oil and had a very strange taste. Coming to the flan, I was surprised I actually enjoyed the caramel tones festooned with a pretty and delicate sugar art décor situated atop of the dessert.

All in all, a delightful Saturday afternoon spent with a bunch of foodies and bloggers.

Nachos de Zapata's Assorted Dips Beer battered Fish Taquitos Chicken Tostadas Chipotle grilled fish burritos Dessert PlatterMexican Fries